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Mar1217 said:
Keybladewielder said:

Maybe, someday, there will be a sequel to Kid Icarus Uprising.

Ask Sakurai.

He said after it released he had no interest in making a sequel.

As for 11 unannounced games, Rogers has said 3 will be eShop titles and a couple will likely be Wii U ports. Add in heavily rumoured things like Prime Trilogy and at least one Labo pack, and you're down to 4 unannounced games. 2D Zelda, Mario Maker, Star Fox Grand Prix and a new Platinum game (not Bayonetta 3) have all done the rounds and been suggested by numerous sources. 2019 could shape up into a really strong year and there being 11 unannounced Nintendo titles right now doesn't seem outlandish.