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This is a gaming forum so the likelihood of multiplatform gamers is gonna be high here.

I don't think its the norm to play on multiple consoles per se, most people I know just game one console. But multi console gamers are pretty common, especially if they play a Nintendo device because they need a PC, PlayStation, or Xbox for core games.

I personally try to buy all the consoles just to have access to more exclusives. I often find the efforts of 1st party studios more ambitious and fun. Xbox One X is my primary gaming device though.

As far as making time for all these games, I tend to just spend my time playing campaigns so most games I play are about 6-15 hours. I also tend to focus on campaigns when playing open world games as the side stuff tends to just be a time sink. Many games have also left my backlog or I will stop playing if I'm not enjoying them so I can focus on games I consider more worthy of my time.

On a side note, buying all the consoles is not that expensive when you wait for deals. I waited years to buy a PS4 so the price would go down and it would have a good library of exclusives. I don't buy many games at full price either. There is always stuff in my backlog and I'm buying less games at launch now that I have Xbox Gamepass.

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