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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
DonFerrari said:

It seems more like several other weeks when someone either complimented PS4 doing great on holidays (by not being that far behind and all) but someone needed to point out that Switch should be receiving props because it was selling incredible. When it was very much expected to do those great numbers, and praising one doesn't remove the other if don't praise it as well.

He and no one was giving excuses, they were stating a fact, for a 6 year with that price and so long without a cut PS4 is doing good. So your comment seemed like a strawman because no one was arguing anything regarding Switch or even using price as an excuse, it was just pointing out on what is expected and achieved.

I'm going to be straight up honest with you, I don't care if it's a "strawman" or not. Not because I don't care about my integrity, but because if it was it was completely unintentional. I hate how internet discourse has basically become people replying with what fallacy someone might have accidentally committed. It completely detracts from the point the person was making and focuses too much on stuff that doesn't even matter after it's already addressed. "Oh let me look at this book of fallacies, sorry bro you committed fallacy number #129, let me harp on that for the next three pages!" 

I mean I looked up the definition of straw man as a refresher and honestly it sounded like you were making one of my point, because I wasn't even acting like Kerotan said the exact opposite of what I said, I was just clarifying something he said. But it somehow got interpreted that way. Should I harp on about you making a straw man for 10 pages? No, because I don't care, lol. You probably didn't do it intentionally. 

To clarify something you often have to add onto a point things that weren't previously mentioned. It doesn't mean you think the person was saying the opposite of those things or arguing against them, it just means you're unpacking several points to clarify. 

And yeah I can get down with what you're saying, I don't think that people should be forced to repeat a similar point about multiple consoles just because that point exists. Your example is a good one, people shouldn't have to say that the Switch is doing well just because they said the PS4 was doing well. 

However, I do think that the obvious implication is that PS4 has a constraint that it's competitors don't. The price. Which is why I clarified that it wasn't true. And I interpreted it that way mainly because the comment said "it would be doing great". It would be doing great ... compared to ... ? It's competitors. That's the only comparison that can be made in this thread. And on that front, both are overdue for a price cut. Which is why that kind of hypothetical is a tad pointless. 

I admit excuse isn't a very good way to word it because Kerotan wasn't necessarily making an argument to soften the blow. It also wasn't a good word choice because people usually interpret excuse as meaning a defense that's unfounded or untrue. Which isn't necessarily the case with that word all the time, it can be true and still be an excuse. 

The hilarious thing is that I look at this chart and think the PS4 is doing great. Lol.

No problem and no need to discuss if you were or not, as you said it wasn't your intention and that is enough to me.

And yes both are on the brink of either having a price cut or sales level being lower than what they should be (they certainly are below what they could be with the cuts).

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