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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
DonFerrari said:

So you were kinda making a strawman?



Ironically I think you are interpreting stuff from my comment I didn't say. All I was saying is that both consoles are overdue for a cut. I didn't say kero said otherwise. I did however say it was an excuse, but thats mostly because it could be said about both of them. If its only said about one console it makes it sound like its doing great despite the constraints. When really both have the same constraint. It's called a clarification. Someone said something, I clarified something. Doesn't mean I was arguing against something someone didn't say. Just adding to what was already said. 

It seems more like several other weeks when someone either complimented PS4 doing great on holidays (by not being that far behind and all) but someone needed to point out that Switch should be receiving props because it was selling incredible. When it was very much expected to do those great numbers, and praising one doesn't remove the other if don't praise it as well.

He and no one was giving excuses, they were stating a fact, for a 6 year with that price and so long without a cut PS4 is doing good. So your comment seemed like a strawman because no one was arguing anything regarding Switch or even using price as an excuse, it was just pointing out on what is expected and achieved.

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