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Capgods just can't be beat. They win over and over and over again. They win so often they are disappointed when their best selling game didn't win more. And now the Capgods are back in their full glorious godly form. 

You give me The Witcher 3? I give you Monster Hunter World

You give me The Last of Us? I give you Resident Evil 2

You give me God of War? I give you Devil May Cry 5 

You give me Mighty Number 9? I give you Mega Man 11. 

You give me Smash Bros? What if I told you that Capcom debuted their iconic versus franchise an entire year before Smash, and in fact the original predecessor that would eventually evolve to that franchise predated Smash by 3 entire years. By the time Smash was out, Capcom had already made 3 entries in their iconic versus series. 

There is no stopping the Cap, nor the Com. 

Truly, one of the best developers and publishers of all time, even if I only have played like four of their games. Objectively, of course.