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aiwass said:
KBG29 said: 
It takes time to rebuild, and Spencer has been doing a great job in the time he has had. XBO X was a great boost to Xbox's image. Game Pass for Xbox One after the announcement of 1st party games Day One has turned a lot of heads. Bring Game Pass to PC was the next step. Forza Horizon 4 has set the example for what Microsoft Studio's will deliver going forward. You will have Gears, Forza, and Halo on everything from 1080p on xCloud to 8K on Windows. While the new studios begin to go head to head with Sony and Nintendo delivering even more industry leading 1st party exclsuives.

People are taking notice. When I talk to people in the real world, the tide has definitely started to shift. People that made the move from 360 to PS4, are asking about next, gen and talking about going back to Microsoft. 

I guess time will tell, but right now, between the New Studios, Backward Compatibility, Game Pass, Play Anywhere, and XBL for All, Microsoft looks in very good shape to take back a huge chunk of the market in the transition to next gen.

Sure... it may take some time. But just how long? It's been five years since this guy took over. All I've seen is promises of next year being huge for Xbox! Year after year after year. And what's been delivered since then? Sea of Thieves? Backward compatibility, Game Pass, Play Anywhere, etc. is all well and good, but it just screams of desperation and half-hearted attempts at winning over consumers. Is it so hard to make games? Those features bring nothing new. The purchasing of new studios may possibly be a step in the right direction, but Microsoft hasn't had the best history with this sort of thing. Time will tell.

Seems like Microsoft might slowly be phasing out serious, competitive gaming hardware. With the poor and increasingly low sales of the Xbox One family of consoles, it would make a lot of sense and be a good way of saving face to just release some kind of streaming box with a few exclusives to sweeten the pot, with no real intention of competing with PlayStation or Nintendo. Offer some of the non-gaming amenities Microsoft seems to like to push along with it and you have an Xbox that's carved out its own corner and doesn't have to worry about competing with the big boys.

I just want to point out that M$ is arguably one of "The big boys". They've beaten Nintendo's GameCube (Xbox launched at the same time) and Wii U (Xbox One launched a year after). They virtually tied the PS3 (Xbox 360 had a year's head start). True they've never won a generation and maybe never will but they've consistently held their own and managed to make money... aside from the OG Xbox that was pretty much planned to sell at a loss.

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