CGI-Quality said:
KBG29 said:

PS4 is slowing down, Xperia is sucking $1 Billion a year with no signs of slowing down, and Revenue is down on Bravia. Sony has not laid out a road map to demonstrate how they plan to continue growth or even maintain the same level of success with PS5 after the PS4 fades away.  Sony is looking quite weak right now. At the same time Microsoft is looking extremely strong, and new players are looking to enter the gaming space, with Amazon and Google both working on streaming services. PlayStation is Sony's most profitable, and quickest growing division, but that does not look set in stone going forward.

Sony is going to need to show how they plan, not only to continue the success of PS4, but also how they plan to continue to expand sales of PlayStation Hardware, PlayStation OS, PlayStation Network, PlayStation Store, and PlayStation Services. It is going to be a very interesting few years for Sony. They hype of PS4 is slowing, now they are going to have to get back to work.