colafitte said:
zorg1000 said:

So it had a stronger start and better reception despite selling roughly the same in the same time frame?

It had a better reception and recognition during PS3 launch because X360 was in a better situation thanks to Gears of War, XB Live, Halo 3 hype and some other amazing exclusives that were coming in 2007 among other thing, yes. 

I'm not considering "start" just launch month or the first 6 months..."Start" to me is everything during the very first years of a console. X360 had a good 2006 and 2007 was even better. When people says PS3 had a rough start they don't mean only 2006, or 2007 even.

I really don't understand why you are so against of what i'm saying. Are you saying that the situation after 12 months were the same for XB and X360???. Did XB entered 2003 in the same situation as X360 entering 2007? Because that's my point. That X360 was entering in overdrive mode just when PS3 launched and XB was admiting defeat against PS2 by the start of 2003....

I really don't think anyone discuss that the "best" and more vanguardist years for XB brand were during 2004-2008. I really don't understand this argument, but if you don't agree with me, i accept it. 


We're derailing the thread by the way. My point was made and i guess i can't explain it any better. 



Ok, not launch month or first 6 months, how about first 26 months?

Xbox end of 2003-13.7m

360 end of 2007-15.8m

It was doing better but not by any large degree, it wasnt until 2004/2008 that 360 really started pulling ahead.

Xbox end of 2004-19.9m

360 end of 2008-26.7m

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