colafitte said:
Nate4Drake said:
The only thing Sony have to do with PS5 is to make it BC, and keep releasing new IP and great exclusives. They already learnt a lesson with PS3, and the Next hardware will be very powerful, friendly to develop for and not expensive at Launch. All the rest will follow smoothly.

I really can't understand the reasons behind the "paranoia" of some members here...

Even if they botched the BC for PS5, PS5 won't be another PS3.

PS3 started bad, not only because their own mistakes, but because its main competitor, X360, started realllly strong. By  2004-2006 XB brand was turning the table in USA. The original XB was very well regarded in US by the time X360 launched thanks to Halo and XB Live, so when X360 launched it had a momentum PS3 didn't in US. That affected PS3 a lot of the sales in the US and the fact thar PS3 didn't launch in Europe until 2007 didn't help the impression of the bad launch. And launching at the same time as Wii either...

XBO did not ended as good as the original XB, so there isn't the same hype for the next XB as it was with X360. Playstation during 2006-2007 was just a culminations of missteps from Sony combined with succesful ones from Microsoft and Nintendo. It was the perfect storm. 2020 and 2021 are not pointing in the same direction. XB brand is not something new and fascinating anymore and Nintendo is not launching their new and revolutionary console at the same time.

PS5 will be fine, whatever Sony decides PS5 to be. The real question is..., how much succesful can Sony make PS5 at launch in my opinion. My guess?, they are going to break records at launch, by 6 months, by 12 months, .... like PS4 did but better.

I perfectly understand your point, and I was too lazy to elaborate mine.

 PS3 was not in a very comfortable situation, as MS rushed a bit XBox360, releasing it 1 year before, I believe without "completing" all the test on the machine(The ring of death), in order to beat Sony on the head start.  Now, even though 360 didn't sell extraordinary well the first year, it managed to establish a very good reputation, mostly in NA, and from the second year, it really started to shine with better multiplatform games VS PS3, and a very competitive price, much much lower than PS3;  things were not going very well for Sony, it was last behind 360 and Wii, the king of casual gamers.  Only with the release of PS3 Slim in September 2009, Sony started "to recover the lost ground", devs started to learn more the complex architecture, and multiplatform games finally were gradually on pair with the 360 counterpart and later on, even better in some cases.  So, even considering the above mentioned problems, PS3 managed to take the lead in Europe and be second Worldwide at the end of its life cycle, while 360 the king in NA, and Wii 1st in the Global and Japan.

  So I agree with you 100%, and my only "concern" is :"how much successfull PS5 will be at Launch?"  Like PS4 ?  More ? A lot more? Microscopically less ? 

 I would say more, just a guess.

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