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thismeintiel said:
What's with the eyes? In the manga, did everyone have exaggerated eyes, like most manga do, but the movie only kept them on her for some ungodly reason? Or was she really the only one drawn that way?

If I remember correctly, they do talk about her big eyes at some points in the manga. They did the eyes even bigger in the first trailer, they took it down a notch. I think that she looks pretty nice in the more recent trailers.

I love the manga, and I know that James Cameron is a fan of the manga and wanted to do this movie for years (and gave it to Rodriguez because he was too busy with Avatar to do everything himself). Of course, it won't be as good as the manga, but it could actually be a decent and respectful manga adaptation.

The base material would surely be hated by most western critics anyway, so don't pay too much attention to them.

Last edited by Faelco - on 05 February 2019