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The Fury said:
Ganoncrotch said: 

on topic though, another Battle Royale title, I guess we're going to be seeing these pop up more and more since they require less work in general than full blown titles as most of the games seem to work around 1 or very few maps with limited class's or just weapons you find being the only differences to gameplay each round. Low investment high potential reward, shareholders dream.

I've played PubG only a little however, played a fair amount of Blackout, never played Fortnite. Each have their strengths and appeal but in the end, like any genre the fad will end and people will stop trying to replicate to make money. Fortnite already won, it's like the whole CoD situation in late 2000s early 2010s, companies just making a war shooter to cash in not realising that CoD had taken the market already. If a game like this can get even 1% of Fortnite's player base it would be a success.

... however, it might appeal to those that want to play a less kid friendly BR but don't want to pay for CoD or PubG.

What comes to mind with me in battle royal games is looking back at the emergence and popularity of WoW and then the following release of the tons and tons of "WoW Killers" all of which ended up dying a death trying to reproduce a game which already existed but doing it better or more edgy to try to pull the audience away from the already established title.

Much like WoW I think the title which will be the "Fortnite killer" will be Fortnite itself doing something to upset the fanbase or the parents of them

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