BraLoD said:
Evilms said:

Except that the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X don't have exclusive games, the Game Boy Color had a lot of exclusive games that didn't work on Game Boy.

That's exactly what I told you.

You used the "by having more powerful hardware" to start your point to reply the other user, and I pointed more cases where that is true as well.

I also separated the Pro and X from the New 3DS, which I told you had to consider as well because it also had exclusive games like the Color did.

So, why is ths 3DS not separated from the New 3DS?

Either GB/GBC and 3DS/N3DS or GB and 3DS.

GB/GBC and 3DS doesn't make sense.

Well I remember people had that debate here when we knew about new 3ds exclusives