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Conina said:
SKMBlake said:

Your point is almost entirely based on exceptions ("if you have the right console bought at the right moment in the right place with the good controllers, you may able to play the game"). That's a whole different situation from a port of SM3DW on the Switch.

Sorry, what? I proved above that every 3D mario game can be played at least on one different system than the original system (plus PC emulation with a bunch of different controllers), so there is no reason that a proper port of any of these games to Switch should be impossible or improbable.

The basic Switch has all the controls it needs to play any of these games properly: two analog sticks, four shoulder buttons, a lot of front buttons, motion control and even a touchscreen. The only issue for Super Mario Sunshine HD could be the lack of analog triggers, but they could easily fix that: button R for the light squirt and button ZR for the full squirt 

The exceptions aren't the games but the way you can play those games.

You can't just say "you can play Sunshine on your Wii" period. They need the good Wii with the original Sunshine GC disc with a GC controller. Same with Galaxy. "It's available on the Shield" is a false statement. "It's available on the Shield but only in China and with no english or other translation available". Or "You can play it on the Wii U, BUT you have to but a Wii remote + its nunchuck". They aren't the regular way to play Sunshine or Galaxy (aka the most simple and easiest way to play it). The regular way is to buy a Gamecub or a Wii. 

That's way different than a straight port of 3D World which would be on a cartridge ready to play with the joycons or the pro controller. And a straight port of a 3D Mario game on a new system never happened yet. That's why I doubt it will ever get a port.

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