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Well that's a mindset from Nintendo since Super Mario 64. Every Nintendo console since the N64 is designed around 3D Mario games, that's what Yoshiaki Koizumi said.

Super Mario 64 can also be played on DS (port), 3DS (BC of the port), Wii (VC) and Wii U (VC).

Super Mario Sunshine can also be played on Wii (BC).

Super Mario Galaxy 1 + 2 can also be played on Wii U (BC) and Nvidia Shield console (port).

So why shouldn't it be possible or allowed to play 3D World and 3D Land on Switch? Because reasons?

You can't play Sunshine with the Wiimotes and you can't play Galaxy with the Gamepad because they're heavily linked to their original controllers (which are mostly designed based how you play the 3D Mario game of the console).

And btw Super Mario 64 DS is a remake of SM64 with more playable characters, not a port.

That doesn't say I don't want nor expect a port, I just say I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't coming.

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