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zorg1000 said:


colafitte said:
ZhugeEX twiter yesterday saying Switch exceeding 30M sell through worldwide at the end of January 2019. Adjustments were needed.

"Nintendo Switch sell through to consumers has exceeded 30 million units as of the end of Jan 2019".

Switch was probably overtracked between 500k-1'0M here...

Those numbers arent from ZhugeEX, they come from Nintendo's investor briefing.

It's hard to tell exact numbers because Nintendo has a history of saying something has exceeded and it's actually way above that.

For example, in their Nov NPD PR they said Switch sales exceeded 8.2 million in the US and week or so later we find out exceeded 8.2 million actually meant over 8.7 million.

Or the infamous NPD December 2009 when they said they Wii sales were over 3 million for the month when in fact it was 3.81 million.

Then there is also the fact that it had to be an estimate because not even Nintendo would have end of January global sell through yesterday as the presentation would been prepared days in advance before January was even over.


With that said, yes it was likely overtracked by a bit, I highly doubt close to 1 million though.

I never said those numbers were from ZhugeEX. He said numerous times that he has insight to worldwide trackers like NPD, MC, GFK and others. So his words are reliable, at least as reliable as when he said XBO numbers a few days ago.

And i said 0'5-1'0M because before adjustments Switch showed 30'7M at January 5th, and if Switch sold the same the rest of the month as it did last year, Switch was on pace to finish around 31'3-31'4M. Even if Switch ended around 30'9M (something doubtful) and Switch did not sold better this this year compared to last (also doubtful) it will still be around 0'4-0'5M overtracked at least.

I do think Switch sold better this Jan than last, and that Switch did not finished so close to 31'0M by the end of the month, and that's why Switch should be closer to 1M overtracked.

Last edited by colafitte - on 01 February 2019