Nate4Drake said:


Keiji said:
That's just crazy. But we are used to this with PlayStation.

Yeah, we are :

(Home Consoles)

PSX : 104,25 M

PS2 : 157,68 M

PS3 : 86,90 M

PS4 : 92 M a month ago...

 Total : 440,83 M, a month ago.

 This is called Playstation Empire.

To put things more in perspective, not counting the last consoles from Nintendo and Sony (Switch and PS4):

PS1+PS2+PS3 (348M) > NES+SNES+N64+GC+Wii+WiiU (281M).

And when PS4 and Switch finish to sell, the difference will be up to around 40-50M more in favor to Sony.

Home consoles territory has always been Playstation domination, and have never been any reason to think otherwise.