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John2290 said:
Dana white has a Twitter account. Hit him up and he may take your advice to really shake up the multi billion dollar business UFC has become over the last two decades. Really though, It's a refined sport about anticipation and less about brute force and showmanship, much like football is to American football, go in with those expectations and learn yourself on the techniques so you know exactly what is going on in the octagon and you'll enjoy it much more.

Never underestimate the poor taste of the masses, and their willingness to every year dump hundreds of millions into shallow/monotonous/casual products like the UFC. On UFC, I couldn't care less how many millions it brings is, it's weird that people are willing to pay money to watch that crap.

 The fighters are terrible: I literally saw a guy in UFC whose technique was to lie on his back, and the other guy was AFRAID to beat the fuck out of him - seriously, "get up, you wimp!"

As a wise Street Fighter once said, "UFC fighters need to learn to fight, not to flail."

I actually DID tweet to Dana White asking why throwing fireballs was banned in the UFC. He responded saying (and I am paraphrasing here): "Not one of our UFC fighters are capable of throwing fireballs, lightning bolts, or other energy types." Pathetic! They lack skill, and Dana White is protecting these yellow belts from REAL Street Fighters. In a real match, any of these UFC yellow belts would get eviscerated within 20 seconds!

Any UFC fighter who opposes a Street Fighter will be destroyed!



Anyway, I heard that there was an actual Street Fighter in MMA. But I was mistaken, imagine my damn confusion and disappointment when I found out it was this bum!

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.