I am circumcized and I will say if you do go through with it’s not the end of the world. Most of the lies that you can’t feel sex as good are simply that. Scientific studies and a lot of science is just bullshit. However, the risk of complications no matter how small can’t be ignored and follows why I will hawk the mannar that they are vaccinated (I may try to avoid it and even forge their vaccinations). Another reason I’m against it is I’m Christian and it’s anti-Christian if you study the few references its mentioned in the Bible. Jesus was circumcized because he was born in a Jewish family, but he sort of compared it to an injury. Another reason is that it is against the natural order and the fact that there is any risk is enough for me. If my child has issues with his foreskin we will consider it, but let’s be honest. I’m not ruling things out if my child has some extreme unforseen problem. For me personally I would probably ignore my wife and refuse it for my future son and simply take the wheel on this one. So if I have a son he will definately not be circumcized even if the feeling changes and people do it at a much greater rate and that will further alienate my child. Again though I won’t hate someone for doing it and clearly it doesn’t mutilate them like some extremists like to say. That is just pornographic psychological warfare imo that isn’t really rooted in truth or love.