VAMatt said:
Also, thank you to everyone that participated in this discussion in a respectful, constructive way (which is just about everyone). The wife and I are taking everyone's feedback into consideration.


You’re welcome and I’m glad that all of us were able to hopefully help. I wrote earlier, I think on page 3, but I will add something in right now.   Nobody here discussed the horrible process that is trying to undo what your parents did when you were a baby. 

I have a friend that at the age of 25, became very depressed because when he went in deep into what circumcision is and what he no longer has/could have, he expressed a lot of resentment towards his parents for taking that away from him.

There is a good sized community of men that actively try to regain their foreskin. My friend explained to me the device that he uses. It’s kind of a suction cup that goes over your head and you pull the existing skin that you have on your shaft up and it clamps with in this device and you basically wear it all day long.

It’s supposed to stretch the skin so that you now have some type of cover, but of course, it’s nothing like the real thing that not only provides extra stimulation/sensation and the vein/self lubrication, but to this community of men that have fallen into this depressed state, it is the best they have until their hope that stem cell research will actually be able to give them back everything in proper form.

There are plenty of men that live normal lives that don’t know what they are missing and are OK as a result. There are also men that know what they are missing and don’t care.  But by seeing what my friend went through and the community that he became a part of, I know that there are also men that are deeply, negatively affected and do everything they can to get it back. 

 Let me give you a good example of how the whole “some women don’t like a natural penis” thing is pretty dumb.  

I had a friend who was half Mexican, half Colombian. He was of brown skin and had three younger sisters. The middle sister was very dark, with my friend and the other two sisters being a lighter brown.  Because at the time (a good 20 years ago), the perception of darker skinned people was dirty or animalistic (racist anyway you look at it), in the particular group of friends that she was a part of, she hated the way she looked after a while.

Do you think as a little girl, she thought her dad was gross because of his dark skin? No. Do you think as a little girl, she thought her skin color was gross? No. It’s because when she became a teenager and was around impressionable friends, she thought what other people thought and her views all of a sudden changed. Her mom would find her in the bathtub for hours, scrubbing away with soap and a loofah at her skin, to try to lighten herself up. 

How does this relate to anything? A girl growing up this very instance that has never seen a penis before, natural or circumcised, has no idea what one looks like and has no bias towards liking one more than the other or a disliking of one over the other.  Where did this “supposed” disliking of natural penises comes from, like I said in my first post, is from a negative impression that used to be more prominent in Hollywood, from Jewish writers, incorporating jokes into television and movies, about how a natural penis is gross.

Now you have a small portion of teenage boys that become self-aware that they are still natural and all of a sudden, begin to not like themselves. Likewise, you have a small portion of hopefully late teenage girls and women that due to Hollywood’s injection, now think they don’t like natural penises. 

Only a small portion of teenage boys/men end up falling for the negativity and body shame which is completely stupid and only a similarly small portioned category of teenage girls/women, suddenly don’t like natural penises.  There are plenty of women that like both, don’t care either way, or like a natural penis more as a matter of fact, because there is more to play with, orally.

And on the flipside, it’s a majority of men who remain natural their entire lives, that are happy with what they have, because they do enjoy the look, the extra feeling, and the extra satisfaction of what a woman can do with her tongue/lips to him plus the realization that him as a natural man, will get more out of oral sex than any circumcised men will get.

The tides are turning. The Hollywood scene and the writing is slowly fading. Countries are slowly performing less and less circumcisions. It definitely makes more sense to be a modern boy today that grows up to be a man of tomorrow, with a more advanced/forward way of thinking and having all that he was born with, completely in tact and enjoy sex the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

Ask yourself this. Does any animal…dog, cat, elephant, mouse, etc. circumcise their own male offspring? No. It doesn’t make sense for us to either.