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Ahh the joys of being a parent, and only really getting a chance to game when I'm travelling on business or visiting family. Top 3 games of 2018: RDR2:58 Hours. Spider-man: 30 Hours, God of War: 28 hours. Still yet to beat RDR2. I played one game in the first 6 months of 2018 on my PS4, and got a total of 59 trophies. My only 2 gold were for beating God of War and Spider-man.  My hours are 3050, which means that they're counting youtube, netflix and amazon prime time since over 90% of that time came from those 3 apps. I wouldn't be shocked if that was 2000 hours watching Peppa Pig.

I put in more hours on my Switch, definitely played more games, and played more with friends on the Switch. Not bad for someone that apparently hates or at the very worst has no interest in Nintendo or the Nintendo Switch.

Last edited by potato_hamster - on 25 January 2019