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Kerotan said:
vivster said:

Parading your sexuality around as if it's something special is part of the reason why people hate homosexuals.

I'm actually disgusted reading this. The reason they parade around like it's something special is because gay people were purged for centuries for being gay. So they are proud to celebrate it. If black people have a celebration I'm not going to hate them for being proud of who they are. 

It sits unwell with me if people are proud of things they had literally no input over. Being proud of your skin color is stupid, being proud of your heritage is stupid, being proud that you breathe air is stupid, being proud of who you like to fuck is stupid, being proud of which country you were born in is stupid. Pride should be applied on personal accomplishments and not things you had literally nothing to do with.

Undeserved pride leads to splitting rather than unification. It leads to oppression and hysteria. Which makes it extra ironic that persecuted minorities are so big on "pride".

Last edited by vivster - on 25 January 2019

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