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So I never played any of the Dar Souls games and now when the remaster came to Switch I got it. I had some expectations since I’ve heard a lot of praise for it (and also some negatives).

As anyone, that have seen my previous posts, know I’m a fan of difficult games. ”Nintendo hard” does not scare me and all the talk about DS being difficult and unforgiving got me really interested.

The good:

-The game is truly unforgiving, I’ve had my fair share of ”YOU DIED”. But it neve feels cheap, it can always be traced to me doing something wrong (or not knowing how to tackle a new enemy type).


The bad:

-It’s samey, so far in the game it’s mostly the same enemy type and the few variations in enemy types mainly are handled the same way over and over again.

-There’s nothing interesting to do in the game, exploration is lackluster, all there is the samey combat sprinkeled with the occational different enemy type that demands a new angle of attack.

-I don’t know what it is but the game, to me, just feels tedious. No fun, just grind ”oh an enemy: block, shield parry and counter attack” rinse and repeat, or ”oh an enemy: wait for attack, dodge, counter attack”.


All of above are truly subjective, but I personally will probably never finish the game. I’m 10-12 h in and simply don’t get hooked.