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I'm surprised at all the "no" responses in this thread. Being an American it's still a pretty common practice. I gotta say it's a bit of a bummer reading some of these comments as a circumcised male lol. I've started to feel a bit bummed about it actually over the recent years of reading more and more about how the pros far outweigh the cons of being uncircumcised, when in the last decade and prior, most of what I had heard way essentially reversed. Too bad I can't "reverse" what's already been done :/

It's even a bit more insult to injury to me as I have heard it's largely done (at least in my neck of the woods) as a Christian/Catholic "tradition" more so than any precieved health benefits and I'm quite firmly anti-religious..

But yeah, it's still a pretty common thing in the US (though I sense this is starting to change now that religion isn't as prominent and more information is out there). Even now to a degree, here in the US you're typically considered a bit strange or at least "different" if you're uncircumcised, and I've heard of a lot of women saying it looks strange to them.

I have to say though..

(INCOMING GROSS STORY, if you're easily squeamish you may not want to read)

..I did sort of rethink my envy of uncircumcised a bit when a good friend of mine (uncircumcised - he told me this btw, we're not "that way" lol) - but anyway he told me a rather stomach-churning tale about some of his skin getting .. erm "ripped" and bleeding pretty roughly at the top of his penis when having sex with his girlfriend.


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