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VAMatt said:

This is about where I come down as well (I'm also American).  American chicks, as I understand it, tend to think uncircumcised penises are weird.  I don't want my son to have to deal with that.

On the hand, it is cosmetic surgery without the patient's consent.  That seems morally wrong to me.  So, I'm pretty sure we aren't gonna do it.

I'm not american and uncut is the norm around here, but felt like trhowing my two cents on a couple of points.

First, as you mentioned only around 60% of newborns are being circuncised nowadays. Messages of bodily autonomy, acceptance, etc are on the high (even thoguh yes, mental disorders also are, as someone mentioned earlier). Current macro-politics aside, I would wager this is a trend that'll extend through his youth. So yeah, maybe he eventually gets poked fun at, but it'll probably be less likely and possibly tend to be less of a deal then than it would have been back in your puberty. And, I mean, if he's gonna have body image issues (really hope he doesn't of course, those suck : p), I doubt the simple lack of a little skin is really gonna be enough to change that.

Other than that, not to get into some slippery slope fallacy, but is this a kind of care that you could possibly extend to your general upbringin of him in any justifiable, healthy and sane way? Also, yeah, it is cosmetic. Do you feel like having your baby go through cosmetic surgery for something like this would transmit a messege, hell even a lesson you believe is right or healthy for you son, let alone the culture or general discourse?