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VAMatt said:
danasider said:

I'm American, too, and I find it weird how everyone is so anti-circumcision.

On one side, I understand that mutilating a child is barbaric.

On the other side, I don't remember any of it, myself, so I don't feel bad about being mutilated.

But the bigger thing is I am not ashamed of how it looks. Boosting self esteem isn't a bad thing.

I've heard girls literally talk in disgust about uncut penises. I get the science (self-lubing and probably feels better for both guy and girl), but I am pretty sure the look of it matters more to most girls (in the US, at least, probably different in other countries).

I don't see it as something for health benefits. I see it more as plastic surgery. Not the best thing, but not as bad as people on this thread are making it out to be.

This is about where I come down as well (I'm also American).  American chicks, as I understand it, tend to think uncircumcised penises are weird.  I don't want my son to have to deal with that.

On the hand, it is cosmetic surgery without the patient's consent.  That seems morally wrong to me.  So, I'm pretty sure we aren't gonna do it.

Exactly. It feels wrong for that reason, but at the same time is it wrong for Americans to have a cultural excuse? Every time another culture has something, it's because of the culture. When it's American, it's evil. Btw, I am a minority so I am not a Trump toting bigot.

I just see that in this culture, guys are judged a certain way based off their penis (and girls are judged for a whole lot of other things so I am not saying guys are victims here). I think my kid would like a nicer looking penis over a lifetime of insecurity over how girls see uncircumcised penises, higher sensation be damned.