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RaptorChrist said:
Weird. I'm American, and circumcision is standard practice. If anything, I would say you *should* have your son circumcised if only to prevent him from feeling ashamed of his penis. Women would be happier, too.

I'm American, too, and I find it weird how everyone is so anti-circumcision.

On one side, I understand that mutilating a child is barbaric.

On the other side, I don't remember any of it, myself, so I don't feel bad about being mutilated.

But the bigger thing is I am not ashamed of how it looks. Boosting self esteem isn't a bad thing.

I've heard girls literally talk in disgust about uncut penises. I get the science (self-lubing and probably feels better for both guy and girl), but I am pretty sure the look of it matters more to most girls (in the US, at least, probably different in other countries).

I don't see it as something for health benefits. I see it more as plastic surgery. Not the best thing, but not as bad as people on this thread are making it out to be.