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vivster said:
Kerotan said:

If you are a rare case of an openly gay rapper in a country that doesn't approve of that they it most certainly does define you. We're not talking an openly gay rapper in Ireland or a country like that. 

Parading your sexuality around as if it's something special is part of the reason why people hate homosexuals.

To be fair though. People hated Homosexuals before the "Parading" happened.

Parading is actually a by-product of the hate and is actually used as a tool to help educate people... And it has actually worked as country after country legalizes Same Sex Marriage.

vivster said:

It's your fucking sexuality that you are born with. It defines with who you want to have sex with, not who you are. Might as well make that little mole on my back or my natural hair color my identity. You can't downplay sexuality because it doesn't matter one bit in the first place.

If you could tone it down a little that would be great.
Although I 100% agree with you, despite being a part of the LGBT community. - It shouldn't even need to be brought up in conversation, ones sexuality isn't anyone else's business.

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