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Is it easier to keep your eyeballs clean if you cut of your eyelids? Obviously not, that's insane.

Is it easier to keep your dick clean if you cut of the foreskin? Its the same thing.

It dries out and hardens, the entire head turns into a callus and loses most of the sensitivity. There are no more natural antibacterial and moisturizing oils (yes, the body normally produces these). Taking that away does not make your dick healthier.
As some have already mentioned, if you live in a jungle and never shower, then yeah. Could be a "cleaner" alternative. Otherwise, warm water gotcha' covered.
The foreskin on a baby isn't loose, its attached to the shaft at that age. It is forcefully ripped off, and the pain is immense. Its serious trauma to put a baby through. Seriously consider what it is and why anyone even wants to do it.

Don't cut into babies for no reason. Just don't.

If you want to do it as an adult, all power to yah. But that's a completely different thing.