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Mr Puggsly said:
Nate4Drake said:

What do you mean for "average Game" ?  

 What I noticed going from 7th Gen to 8th Gen is an increase in scale, more draw distance, far more geometry, better textures, lighting, IQ, everything, physics/animations, effects, in those games where developers have put some serious effort; and I think you cannot expect more than this.

 Killzone Shadow Fall, even though it was not the game I was expecting, showed immediately a big jump in scale, in the graphics department, effects, IQ.  Not a game changer of course, as it was just a Launch title.  But what about Uncharted4 and God of War ? Talking about the latter, it completely blows me away, on PRO even more.

 Then we have many other games that don't show much of an improvement over last gen, apart from prettier graphics and more modern mechanics, but this happens on any system of any gen, looks like you discovered the warm water...

 How many remakes, rehash of games we have already seen millions of time from Nintendo, which plays and feels like Nintendo64 games with just a graphics and little "mechanics" update ?? But still, we have other very good games like Super Mario Odyssey and Zelda which showed much more than just an increase of numbers of enemies, graphics and prettier textures.   This concerns every hardware of any generation compared to any other hardware of the previous generation, and don't expect the "Next Gen Factor" on average games, where for a reason or another, devs didn't put enough effort because of lack of resources/time/talent/etc.

""Nintendo seems to do magic with inferior specs but they're just being efficient with limited power. Kinda like how developers used to approach 7th gen hardware.""

Nintendo is not the only one able to do "magic" with its own hardware, just they have less resources to work with.  GOW and Forza Motosport4 say HI :)

I completely agree with stuff I bolded, but that really isn't gameplay improvements per se. Hence, I'm not necessarily enjoying games more because the graphics are better.

Uncharted 4 is larger scale than previous games in the series, but does that mean Uncharted on PS3 couldn't have been larger scale? I mean we have the BF3 and 4 on 7th gen, those are large scale with vehicles, etc. I think Uncharted 4 is a great looking game but not ambitious in the gameplay department.

God of War is another example of a great looking game but not what I would a next gen experience or whatever. Its a relatively linear action game with cool graphics.

Maybe I've just played too many game and become jaded. Maybe I had unrealistic expectations of what developers were going to do with new specs. I mean I still enjoy games, I just think the biggest changes have been in graphics while game design has hit a wall.

Maybe that's partly why battle royal games are so incredibly popular at the moment, that's a unique experience we didn't have last gen.

I understand what you mean, and even though everything is improving Gen by Gen, what really makes the jump evident is the Graphics department, with bigger scale, maps, more complex environment, etc.   I would like to see much more enhancement in the game-play mechanics, interactions, system collision, animations and AI most of all.  Give me a break if I'm wrong, but I feel like AI is the least improved factor going from gen to gen.

 We need far better CPUs in the next Gen consoles in order to see the improvements is such departements;  also our expectations play a big rule, and for a massive jump in physics, animations, system collision and interactions, much advanced AI and gameplay mechanics, how much more CPU power we need? 4X, 5X...I'm not a super tech guy, maybe the ones with much better understandings may answer.

Last edited by Nate4Drake - on 24 January 2019

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