Intrinsic said:
And people talk about MS like they are inventing sony has been doing for the past 4 years or so.

Same thoughts I'm having. I was listening to a podcast yesterday, and they said, that Microsoft will take next gen in the US due to xCloud, because Sony doesn't have the infrastructure in the US to compete. Obviously they havn't heard of PS Vue. Sony is putting infustructre in every City/Town in the US to deliver local channels via the cloud. PS Now will sit right next to PS Vue, giving people super quick access to PS Now servers all across the country. 

Dwayne Benefield has talked about PS Vue eventually exapnding to EU and other regions as well. That will ressult in the same infrastructe building. Sony will be putting it's servers in every town around the world as time progresses. 

If people think Sony is just sitting still, they have another thing comming. As we saw earlier this year, PS Vue is making a decent amount of money. They will be making improvements going forward. I would not be surprised to hear big advancements with PSN announced alongside PS5. As I have been saying, next gen is going to be about getting games on the most form factors possible, via both Native Hardware and Cloud services. Sony will not compete if they throw out a PS5 alone, facing other ecosystems that allow your to game anywhere. The value in purchasing games in the PlayStation Ecosystem would just not hold up to what Microsoft, Google, and Amazon will be bringing. People are not stupid, if Sony doesn't offer value, people will figure it out, and that will be the end of Sony's run as a big time player in the games industry.

Anyways, congrats to those of you in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Sweeden. Give the service a shot. Look for the 12 Months for $99.99 sale in your local currency. It is well worth the price.

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