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Faelco said:

Other demos and clips from Dreams too? Because Dreams right now is just a recent beta, you can't expect complete and perfect works when people are barely starting to try it out. It will get better.

I've gandered at other clips from other copies of other existing games recently. I wouldn't lay claim to saying these are "masterworks", ahead of recent and pre-existing games, otherwise we'd have to give kudos to say, the UE Zelda fan remakes, but we know they've been given so little over the years. The current Zelda fan made "dream" for example looks almost like a Zelda game, but mixed with a platformer. 


Besides, it getting better is a matter of taste in quality. This is after all, a game designed to make mere dreams, not fully fledged games you can buy on your own, that rival the quality of other entire dev teams, writers and artists.