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I mean, Animal Crossing will be the work of EPD and they're hardly an "AA" developer. The bulk of the Animal Crossing team likely worked on the Splatoon games too, so they're already experienced with HD development.

Really, it depends what your expectations are. Animal Crossing will be iterative no doubt, but will have the polish that EPD are famous for.

Fire Emblem is a middle tier franchise - so it's not going to have the same kind of budget and not be in the same technical league as EPD's Switch efforts, but I'm optimistic given Echoes improvements to aesthetics and narrative (even if late game mission design was one note, that's more a legacy of the game's origins). My biggest concern with Three Houses would be an expensive season pass - the game isn't returning to the Fates triple release strategy though (Three Houses refers to plot elements, plus the game has a different name in Japan). I'd expect Fire Emblem to look better when it does resurface. The game had English voice acting, subtitles and animated cut scenes in the reveal trailer so much of the content is likely finalised - which has left Intelligent Systems time to polish the game.

On first reveal I thought Luigi looked good - the textures are simple but it's well lit and well animated. It's likely developed by Next Level with supervision and support from EPD, so again I'm optimistic.

Pokemon is difficult to judge. I don't think Let's Go is indicative of what we'll get for generation 8 but it's not secret Game Freak have been technically conservative with Pokemon at every turn. I'd expect something better looking and better animated than Let's Go, but not something that pushes the Switch or rivals EPD's best efforts.

In short, I think these games are likely to turn out well. There haven't been many mis-steps with Nintendo's first-party offerings on Switch and I don't see that suddenly changing now.