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Pemalite said:


Mr Puggsly said:

Most laptops on the market can't play games as well as the Xbox One. The laptops that can cost significantly more than a Xbox One. For the record, the Xbox One X is pretty great.

Its not really fair to compare your laptop to a Switch because the Switch is significantly smaller.

Ryzen 2500U and 2700U is budget hardware that can match the Xbox One. (I have a 2700u notebook.)
Low-end laptops can match the Xbox One these days, with the exception of those running with Intel Decelerator Graphics.

Low-end Geforce parts like the MX150, 1030 can all turn in better results than the Xbox One as well.

But the fact that AMD's integrated graphics can beat the Xbox One is just a testament to how old 8th gen is getting and how quickly GPU hardware has evolved.

Nate4Drake said:

I never said PS3 is more powerful than Switch.   But I consider Uncharted3 a more impressive Game than anything on Switch, from a tech point of you. Geometry, details, textures, scale, animations, etc.   Where is the non sense?

Uncharted 3 came out... When exactly during the PS3's lifecycle?
And the Switch is how old?

Best to compare the visuals of games at similar timelines in a consoles lifecycle as developers learn the various nuances of the hardware... That's how you make a proper assessment.
Uncharted 3 was certainly a technical marvel given the constraints it was working in though.

But, the Switch's GPU hardware is capable of more effects than the DX9 based hardware in the PS3, so it will be interesting to see how Developers leverage that GPU in the following years.

Ryzen 2700U is far weaker than Xbox one, it runs Doom (Vulkan) at 30 fps 900p with lowest settings, xbox one does 60fps 900p with medium-high settings. In Witcher 3 Ryzen 2700u does 20fps at lowest setting with 720p... it's not even close.

(Doom video)

(Witcher 3 video)

I'm glad you accept last-gen games (atleast uncharted 3) looks better than what Switch has, I remember we had a similiar discussion about this and you and John refused to accept Halo 4 looked better than Doom on Switch (handheld).

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