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Pemalite said:
Mr Puggsly said:

People often make that argument but I feel aspects like better physics, AI and world interactivity have more to do with the game design. Hence, developers can do plenty with the Jaguar CPUs in that regard but just don't bother. A lot of those aspects still feel like last gen content because that's just the way games are generally made.

Jaguar is pegged pretty hard as it is... I don't think people have a real comprehension how nasty those Cores truly are.
It would take all 8 of them to even match a low-clocked Intel/Ryzen dual core.

Mr Puggsly said:

I mean look at Just Cause 4, that's really showcase of what the Jaguar CPU is capable of.

Yeah, but particle effects from explosions have been dialed back because of the Physics in Just Cause 4... There is a reason why even the Xbox One X struggled with Just Cause 3.
And even on the Xbox One X, despite it's CPU and GPU advantage, it still drops frames.

Mr Puggsly said:

The X1X has 30% more CPU power and it appears to make a fairly big difference. So double the CPU power of Jaguar CPU would be significant.

30% more compared to what? Because the CPU performance between the base Xbox One and Xbox One X is certainly larger than 31% that the clockspeed alone would imply. (Remember, certain CPU tasks are offloaded to the GPU's command processor on the Xbox One X.)

Double the performance of Jaguar is still a very low ceiling... Remember, Jaguar was AMD's absolutely slowest CPU at a time where AMD's CPU's were absolutely the worst (relative to the competition) in the company's entire history.
Being such a small, narrow CPU core just doesn't give it much in the way of legs.

Mr Puggsly said:

I don't think there is a CPU and GPU imbalance on the PS4 and X1. They're designed to run technically demanding games at 30 fps. 60 fps is possible if developers build around that and games can still look impressive at 60 fps.

It's certainly there. - It's just not as noticeable as say... The PC because games tend to be cutback in various areas in order to run better on the Jaguars.
But lots of games have issues on the 8th gen consoles with sub-30fps, poor frame pacing and so on... And the bulk of that is attributed to Jaguars being pretty terrible.

Mr Puggsly said:

Hypothetically if the Switch had an upgrade that simply doubled GPU power, that would make a world of difference when it comes to resolution and improving performance in some games. Games like Wolfenstein II and Doom would actually stay at 720p!

Indeed. Pascal based Tegra could in theory offer that as well at the same powerlevel.

Nintendo does have allot of options on where it can take the Switch going forward, so I am interested to see what they do with the platform from a hardware perspective.

I understand that, but in practice developers have done great things with these Jaguar CPUs. Frankly, developers seem to struggle with GPU bottleneck more often which is why dynamic resolution has become so common.

The minor performance drops in Just Cause 4 is likely optimization issues or bottleneck on the GPU. I mean the PS4 version is essentially running the same CPU with a stable 30 fps. Either way, that's an open world game with AAA visuals and has heavy use of physics. That's the exact experience people seem to feel the Jaguar CPUs can't do well.

Even if they're among the worst processors AMD had at the moment, they've demonstrated to be more capable than they're given credit for. I'm sure developers have to work harder to squeeze the most out of those CPUs, but that's generally how it goes for making console games.

A lot of games also had frame rate issues in the 7th gen, the 6th gen, the 5th gen... so what's your point? Its not necessarily just a CPU issue. Again, dynamic resolution is common because the issue isn't just CPU.


Well looking at the technically demanding Switch games, the primary issue seems to be lack of GPU power. The Switch can run modern games fairly well but its often times at sub HD resolutions with reduced graphics. Therefore I argue the Switch actually has a bigger power imbalance than X1 and PS4.

Hence, if the next Switch could only have a CPU or GPU upgrade, its the GPU upgrade would actually create a more dramatic boost to presentation and performance.

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