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Fire Emblem was originally a console title, and it wont be hard to translate the core mechanics between hardware, so yes.

Pokemon is led by GameFreak which is one of the largest and most profitable devs ever. and already they have 2 projects set to hit the Switch before Pokemon, so they are also fine.

Animal Crossing again, has been on a home console before. and there has been enough Wii U experimentation for them to have what they need to make an HD big budget game.

Luigi's Mansion is a niche spinoff title. The Gamecube game was meant to be a tech showcase, but gained a cult following. The 3DS version was chosen specifically so they could use the 3D aspect, which was originally planned for the Gamecube but scrapped for obvious reasons. LM3 will be the first game without hardware limitations holding it back, after two games and a remake of them pushing the bar as far as they can. i have faith it will turn out great