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GProgrammer said:

OK yes I was wrong it does render at 1080p, I was reading a different Digital foundry which said 720p not 1080p.
Though from looking at the digital foundry video
they need to up the AF thats just painful on the eyes see the road at 1:42, AF is either not used or at most AFx2

@curl-6 yes sorry for some reason I was comparing ps4 memory with the switch



Playstation 3 wasn't exactly using filtering extensively either.
Even many Xbox One/Playstation 4 games could use it more.

Mr Puggsly said:

I'm not really sure what your point is. I mean even if these current consoles aren't incredibly powerful they're still very capable, I'd argue they're aging better than last gen consoles.

I mean what if 8th gen consoles had double the CPU power, 16GB of RAM and a GPU with 3-4 TF at launch? Would gaming right now be much more enjoyable? I think it would be pretty much the same just with better performance and graphics. Compared to last gen developers got a huge spec boost for the 8th gen but the games are basically the same with better graphics in my opinion.

However, I do like the spec boost of the X1X simply because its making modern console games more visually appealing.

A better CPU would go a long way, it would mean better physics effects, particle effects, more+better A.I and general better interactivity with the game world.
Double the Jaguars performance still isn't very impressive performance though...

Bright side is, relative to it's GPU performance, the Switch is a better balanced machine.

Pagan said:

The Problem is that Nvidia is about 28% "Stronger" than AMD. That means 1 Nvidia = 1.3 AMD. 

You cant compare Them. And akso the Tech Inside the Switch is Just 2 years old. Now Take the ps4 xbox1 Tech as comparison. Its really hard to predict the real horsepower of the Switch.

Er no.
And yes we can compare them... PC has been comparing nVidia and AMD/ATI GPU's for decades. - We just can't use flops to do it.

Pagan said:

Well. Those are Nvidia Gflops my friend. Not comparable with amd Flops.

510 AMD Gflops is the answer.

AMD and nVidia flops are identical. A flop is a flop. - The math doesn't automagically become something different once you drop an nVidia GPU in a system.

Problem is, games need more than just single precision floating point math... And because of such, nVidia has invested more in other parts of the Graphics Processor that helps drive that.
When it comes to compute however, AMD GPU's start to show what they are capable of, beating the nVidia equivalent.

There is a reason why AMD GPU's were the preferred choice for miners.

Gemmol31 said:

honestly it do not matter, you cannot compare AMD graphics 1 to 1 with Nividia........look online you can find many Nvidia cards with less Flops than AMD and out perform AMD cards, so no matter what the Switch Numbers no one will find an exact AMd card to compare it perfectly........everyone only gives assumptions

There are AMD GPU's with less flops that beats an AMD GPU with more flops. It's not an nVidia thing.

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