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Pagan said:
JRPGfan said:


256 cuda cores x 768mhz x 2 = 393,216 = 393 Gflops

I think formula was like that.
There is nothing more to it.

Thats its Fp32 flop rate, when running docked at 768 mhz.

People "KNOW" with 100% certainty how many cores are inside the chip, and how fast they run.
You cannot just ignore facts.


People need to stop all this bullcrap about how the switch is more powerfull than that, because its all just lies.


Origianl Poster:   "Switch TFLOPS : 1,024 ? 0,79 ? 0,393 ?"

The correct answear is 0.393 Tflops (393 Gflops)

Stop suggesting its not, please.

Well. Those are Nvidia Gflops my friend. Not comparable with amd Flops.

510 AMD Gflops is the answer.

Theres a certain amount of truth to what you say..... nvidia flops usually do have like a 10-15% edge in real world applications.
However your still left with a Switch thats atleast under 1/4 th of the PS4 slim in terms of performance.