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You can create your own games, gameplay-stories and emotions in "Dreams".

edit: Dead Space, Super Mario, Sonic 3D, are a few possibilities from the beta:

Years ago, one demo inspired / fascinated the horror game P.T. (by Hideo Kojima) the world. Unfortunately, Konami delete the game and focused on smartphone and sports games. Konami wanted to keep all rights (Graphic-Engine, MGS, PT..). After that, Hideo Kojima founded his own studio and works with his team (Yoji Shinkawa, Norman Reedus ect) on "Death Stranding" for PS4. And now: One of the most innovative games of recent years -  "Dreams", the game brings you many possibilities and.. You can bring the PT-demo to life!

My question is: When is release ? This summer or later ??

Last edited by KazumaKiryu - on 23 January 2019