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It's perhaps one of the least interesting because it's not treading any new ground. It's a mash up of a few different existing and already executed ideas. Not every film, book, comic -insert whatever medium you like- has to completely reinvent the wheel. Sometimes, just a very solid piece of work in an established genre is enough. Also, a little ironic you're complaining of these things while asking for a new Resistance game instead. Resistance was definitely more of the same in a very crowded, overdone genre. But, it was solid.

As for youtube, I actually didnt see much negativity in the comments and I was only reading them earlier today in work. A lot of people seemed pleased the game had been delayed as it looks more polished.

That said, I'm not convinced about this game. It has the potential to be very good, but there's been a few issues that look concerning (too many cutscenes, the dialogue, the story, some of the mechanics looking choppy, framerate etc.) I'm going to wait on reviews and ignore any of the 'more of the same' criticisms that will definitely impact it's overall score, but instead focus on the critque of the gameplay and story.