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BlackBeauty said:
HoangNhatAnh said:

Biggest for now, and when Pokemon gen 8 come out, well...

If it’s anything like Let’s Go...good luck with that. 

If gen 8 bombs (seems likely at this point). Pokémon Go will be pushed more as the main titles for the series. Go is already heading that direction considering the amount of money it’s generated plus Niantic phenomenal support compared to Gamefreak technical incompetency.


Niantic will be the MAIN developer of the Pokémon franchise and I’m more than fine with that. 

WHAT LOL. Do you really expect gen 8 to bomb? A MAINLINE, NEW Pokémon title? Let’s go did well for what it is, Gen 8 will blow let’s go out of the water. I could bet anything gen 8 will sell ATLEAST the normal 15 million