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Pyro as Bill said:
zorg1000 said:

Are you agreeing or arguing with me?

I don't agree that it's the 'seamlessness'. Switch is still an 8/10 of what it could be (online/battery). Even if it was a 2-5/10 it would still be dominating.

Battery and online are the reasons why the Switch isn't seamless as a hybrid? I don't think those elements are what affects the seamlessness of Switch being a console that can be played on the TV screen and on the go. I guess the battery is somewhat of a factor, but that's more about function than seamlessness. And the battery, to me, isn't that bad to be honest. I've played a few hours of Smash Bros and my battery had about 1/3 left of power and even then, I had the AC adapter, which allows me to continue playing in handheld mode. To me, seamlessness is playing a game on the Switch as a handheld and then placing it on the dock and it automatically turns on the TV ready for me to play on the TV. No need for internet access, another console to be compatible for remote play, or having select games compatible to the remote play function. Every game on the Switch is capable of being played on the TV and on the go as a handheld.