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This is exactly why I haven't been over hyping the Xbox One X or even the PS4 Pro. I have several models of Xbox and both models of PS4 as we speak. I also have 4K and 1080p TVs and I consider myself a person who knows his tech and how to fine tune an image. While you can see the improvements, for me, it just isn't as "night and day" as some would lead you to believe.

Even watching and enjoying tons of Digital Foundry videos, I find myself just not seeing the differences that they highlight. There's a bit of "The Emperor is wearing new clothes" going on. I hop between my Xbox One X in 4K and standard Xbox on a 1080p set all the time. I never find myself saying "This one looks like crap" or 'This one looks incredible".

And yeah, I also google searched the ideal settings and then played with it to get the image that is best for my personal tastes.

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