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Sixteenvolt420 said:
I definitely notice a difference on my LG 4K OLED, curved screen. I don't have the required distance for a flat panel screen, so i got curved, as it requires less distance to be away from the tv to view.

Someone likely lied to you.

The "recommended distance" is a type of lie. It is actually reverse.

It is more like the closer you are to the TV the more resolution or smaller screen you need. The curved screen was a type of marketing stunt with the added down side of being less optimal for people outside of the center of projection of the TV.

I sit very close to my TV (5ft) and it is 65", so less than 4K I can even see "dots" on the image. It is flat and I have no issue, I still have corners on my view and could go for perhaps even 85-100" on same distance on 8k.

For some days when I bought a projector to my condominium I was testing it, and I had full wall (over 200") playing Shadow of Mordor, I was like 8ft away or less and it was just fantastic.

Similarly I use the PSVR to play some non VR game and depending on the game I use small or large screen (one I can see the corners as if watching a 120" screen other it seems like 300" and I lose corners - need small head turns to look there) and my only complain on playing like this is that the resolution is too small so I can see the pixels to clearly, VR will be just fantastic on 8K.

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