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At long last, it's finally here! As is tradition here on VGC, we gathered around to share and discuss our favorite games over the last couple months of last year. I have to give shoutouts to Smeags, who created this awesome event, and Leadified, who kept it going for a couple years, and while I'm honored to have carried on that mantle, I'm also astounded by how much work it all was. 

Of course, as my first time, it took me quite some time to get things going, and it wasn't helped by how little time I had to dedicate to this, with a bunch of things going on in my life over these past couple months. It might have been a bad year to take over, but that's easier said in hindsight − in any case, I do apologize for the considerable delay will try to get it done quicker next time.

I've received a total of 55 lists this year, adding up to a whopping 979 games, and just like last year, every single one will be posted here, including how many people had each game listed. There will also be platform and decade breakdowns, and release dates will always go by each title's original release − except for certain arcade games with notable console versions, and early access releases (games still in early access have their current release date listed). Do keep in mind that this is just a compilation of multiple opinions and is in no way definitive, and that the tangible difference between games ranked seemingly far apart is actually quite small, as there's usually a small gap between titles when it comes to points and stuff.

Anyways, let's get this started!

Full Ranking

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