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flashfire926 said:
The production values of lets go are 3ds levels yet they still charge full price. Not to mention a lot less content than previous games.

Really a rough transition to home consoles.

I feel that, having played it, Let Go was almost a tech demo, so to speak. A trail run to let them get to grips with the system.

That said, unless it really feels like they're pushing the boundaries with Gen 8 then I will start to have concerns. But for instance, the OP has said his favourite games are GS and BW. BW's defining feature was the story. For me, the games have become about the battle strategy, which is continually evolving and why Gen 7 is my favourite so far. It also why Lets Go didn't thrill me as it nerfed the eattle mechanics, as these games are a collect-a-thon.