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God of War 5 million in a month on an install base of 80 million.
Smash Bros 5 million in a week on an install base of 25 million.

These are the biggest releases for an IP of Sony and Nintendo this gen.

This is proof that Sony needs to create strong IPs instead of having marketing rights for third party games. They might help hardware sales initially but third parties aren't reliable and may have Microsoft marketing rights next time, and Sony's marketing right now would not help them. Look at GTA, Final Fantasy and stuff, Sony used to bank on these series being exclusives to PlayStation for sometime but when Xbox 360 did well Sony was messed up and looked to first party games to sell PS3. When PS4 was a success Sony got third party exclusivity rights and did the same mistakes they did when they had PS1 and PS2 as their major platforms. I hope Sony learns a few stuff from Nintendo when it comes to building their IP going forward. Same for Microsoft.