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Seems fair, Switch is making the best selling title for most franchise on the plateform and on top of that in a really short time. On the software chart ending 15th on this site, Zelda reached 9 million already and Mario odyssey 11 millions. Pokemon just passed 6 millions in a bit over a month, Smash is also over 6 million in 2 weeks and Mario party will top 4 million next week, already putting it comfortably at the 3rd position for the franchise in 11 weeks (excluding digital on top of that).. it could literally beat Mario party 8 and DS which both sit somewhere in the 8 millions.
That's just crazy to me. I said before the switch launched that the nintendo fanbase was more likely to buy more games on switch cause they have only 1 of the classics to buy instead of 2 consoles and 2 mario kart etc. And i think this is one of the factors.