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cycycychris said:
morenoingrato said:

I really should rebuy Tropical Freeze for the Switch someday. Truly amazing title.

When he mentioned multiplayer for a Mario merit, even that is questionable. Why? One of the several reasons Tropical Freeze destroys NSMBU is because it was designed as a single-player game from the get-go. 2D Mario won't ever be top tier level so long as it remains a multiplayer game.

Since DK does let you do 2 people, technically Mario can be said 'does it better.'  Even NSMBU has a few levels that were specially designed for only 1 person and don't work with multiplayer. I played DK only in multiplayer and I'd say its perfect the way it is, your friend won't be able to do some sections, but thats fine. I wouldn't change it to be more multiplayer friendly.

My point was more that it was a questionable merit to have. The multiplayer is what holds NSMB back.