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Pemalite said:

No they don't.
Here are two Geforce 730. Roughly the same flops. 50-65% performance difference.

Here are two Geforce 1030... Roughly same flops. 100-125% performance difference.

Here are two Radeon 7750.  Roughly the same flops... 40-50%.

Hows about the Radeon 5870 and Radeon 7850? The 5870 is 2.72 Teraflops verses the 7850's 1.76 Teraflops. - The 5870 should win right, it has almost 1 Teraflops more?
Nope. It looses by about 8-55%

Tell me again how much accuracy flops will give you in determining a GPU's capabilities. - Evidence overwhelmingly says you are wrong on that claim. Like... Really wrong.

Flops tells us only one thing...
The single precision theoretical floating point performance of a part, it absolutely tells us nothing about half precision, double precision, quarter precision, integer, geometry, bandwidth, texturing, compression, culling capabilities of a part... In short, just like bits... It's a useless metric on it's own.

The performance differences are due to different memory used.

Well i mean... that was Pemalite's point, wasn't it?