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I take it Green Day are already in - they'd be a certainty if not. I know their debut was early 90s mind Someone mentioned The Offspring - that'd be ace. Their debut came out in 1989, so they've been eligible for a few years now.

Muse seem very popular these days, so perhaps they've a good chance.

Have to wonder whether some of the bigger names around the time of nu metal / alt metal popularity, such as Korn or Slipknot, may get a look in. Someone mentioned Linkin Park - I definitely think they'll get in. Don't think Limp Bizkit have a chance despite selling a load of records back in the day. Deftones I hope, maybe not popular enough though. Tool would be interesting. Marilyn Manson perhaps as well. Kid Rock sold a lot, has done different styles and still plays arenas, has his own cruise etc - eligible for a few years now (debut in 1990).

Nickelback - sold a load of records and still play sizeable venues. Don't think their status as a terrible band in the eyes of many will do them any harm in regards to likelihood of induction.